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Soup To Nuts w/ Lupini - Liverpool 70/80's post-punk + new wave special

Manchester, 17.05.22

Keeping Tuesdays a little bit sweet, a little bit sad, a little bit silly.


  • Urban Jazz Ritual 
    Car Crazy
  • Levi Tafari 
    Liverpool Experience
  • Cook The Books 
    Gone To Black
  • Cook Da Books 
    Piggy In The Middle Eight
  • Cross Section 
    Psychic Hitmen
  • Mr Amir
    Oh No Opressor
  • Mr Amir 
    Deep Inside
  • Brenda Ray 
    Take Me In Your Car (Original Full-Length Version)
  • Brenda Ray 
    D'Ya Hear Me (Demo)
  • B-B-Boogaloo 
    Crest Of A Wave
  • Careless Hands 
  • Careless Hands 
    Just Like Strangers
  • Pink Industry 
    State Of Grace
  • Ambrose Reynolds
    He’s Dead Alright
  • Jacqui & Jeanette
    194 Radio City
  • The Moderates 
  • Margox
    Jimmy’s Grin
  • China Crisis 
    Here Comes A Raincloud
  • Dalek I Love You
    Dalek I Love Destiny
  • The Wild Swans 
    Melting Blue Delicious
  • Wah! Heat 
    Better Scream
  • Marshmallow Overcoat 
  • The Project
    Leaves In The Wind
  • Forget The Whimpering Child And Become The Warrior
    Left You Lying