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Soup To Nuts w/ Ross Allen - James Mtume Tribute

London, 13.01.22

Focus on James Mtume

Explore the many different strains of good music that make up Ross Allen's collection.


  • Mtume 
    Juicy Fruit
  • Mtume 
    The After 6 Mix (Juicy Fruit Part II)
  • Mtume 
    Ready For Your Love
  • Mtume 
    Love Lock
  • Mtume 
    You Can't Wait For Love
  • Mtume 
    So You Wanna Be A Star
  • Rena Scott 
    Super Lover
  • Stephanie Mills 
    Put Your Body In It
  • Sadane
  • Roberta Flack, Donny Hathaway 
    Back Together Again
  • Gato Barbieri 
  • Eddie Henderson 
    Say You Will
  • AM/FM
    You Are The One
  • D -Train
    Trying To Get Over
  • Paul Laurence
    There Ain’t Nothing (Like Your Love)
  • Amp Fiddler
    Energy (Wajeed Remix)
  • Kek Star
    Revolution Will Not Be Televised
  • Muzzy De Pilot
    Road To 2022 (Ampiano Mix)
  • Call Super
    Bodies In Heaven
  • Model 500
    Time, Space, Tramsmat
  • Aux 88 
    Direct Drive
  • Karnage Kills
    Dark Skinned Queens (40 Records Premiere)
  • Ossie 
    Kalimba 03
  • Acid Jerks 
    Remote Area
  • Phoenix 
    Play Thing (Beat It)
  • Mbongwana Star