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Soup To Nuts w/ Ross Allen & Mode 2

London, 30.03.23

Ross is joined in the studio by graffiti artist and hip hop authority Mode 2.


  • --:--
    Kawal Kreole
    Fan Fan
  • 0:05:16
    Samba Pa Ti
  • 0:18:36
    Augustus Pablo 
    King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown
  • PiL
    Public Image
  • The Members 
    The Sound Of The Suburbs
  • The Special A.K.A. 
  • The Jam
    Unknown Track
  • Picture Box
  • Alan Parker 
    The Free Life B
  • Led Zeppelin 
    Your Time Is Gonna Come
  • Knights Of The Turntable
    Techno Scratch
  • T La Rock, Jazzy Jay 
    It's Yours
  • Fantasy Three 
    Summer (Bonus)
  • Ultra Magnetic MCs
    Aint It Good To You
  • De La Soul 
    Plug Tunin
  • Chubb Rock 
    Regiments Of Steel
  • The Roots
    Unknown Track
  • Swift G Force
    Clear Skies Bembe Segue
  • Benny More
    ElnCine Negro
  • Pharaohs Sanders
    Love Is A Melody Of Time