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Soup To Nuts w/ Shy One

London, 01.06.22

With Shy One

DJ & producer Shy One oversees the chatroom nonsense and brings that necessary get-up-and-go vibe every other hump day…


  • Marcia Griffiths 
    Tell Me Now
  • Carrol Thompson 
    A Happy Song
  • Gregory Isaacs 
    Permanent Lover
  • Mad Professor And The Mad Men Band
    Gone Fe Dub
  • Paulette Tajah 
    A Little Bit Of Love
  • Ondrea Duverney 
    You Know What It's Like
  • Victoria Mont
  • Jaquees
  • Kryptonyte & Liv.E
    Ride With Jade
  • Slim Papi X PZ
    Rod Serling
  • Nwakke
    The Change
  • Nourished By Time
    Staring Into The Fireplace
  • Pelin
    DNA Of A Locksmith
  • 700 Bliss
    Bless Grips
  • Akai Solo, Navy Blue 
    John Wick
  • Trouble Man
    The Essence
  • Business City Orchestra
  • Tenderlonius
  • Bella Boo feat. Axel Boman 
    Do The Right Thing
  • John Klemmer 
    My Love Has Butterfly Wings
  • Gerald PJ Browne 
    Sexy Lady
  • Prince Charles & The City Beat Band
    Bush Beat
  • Arlana 
    You Can't Keep Breaking My Heart
  • Casisdead
    City Slicker
  • ERP 
    Vox Automaton
  • Shy One 
    A New Way Of Looking At An Old Place