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SPA w/ Sarah San & FRANCE '98

Cologne, 20.07.20

SPA was founded in 2018 in Cologne and is focusing on club music with a global perspective. The label is run by Salon des Amateurs resident Phillip Jondo, France 98 aka DJ Brom and Friday Dunard who put in their different musical backgrounds and influences together, ranging from Baroque choir music to high definition experiences. For their monthly show on NTS they reflect on current moods, play the labels output and invite artists around them.


  • LFO 
  • Zuli 
  • Ulla 
  • Qualchan. 
    Holdin' That 44.
  • Luxxuryproblems 
    Stimulans, Geist, Vestiges (Aluminium)
  • Romane Relic
  • Jorengthericecake
    Media Of Testimony
  • J Colleran 
  • Terence Sharpe
    Suspended From An Oblong Aperture
  • Hildegard Von Bingen
    Canticles Of Ecstasy11
  • Antwood 
    FIJI Water
  • Eurosouvenir
    Ne Parlons Pas De Ruines
  • Hajj 
    My Love Is Rotten To The Core
  • Mechatok 
  • Kelman Duran
    Empty Verse [Self Release]
  • Elysia Crampton Chuquimia
    Valerie & Elysia Demo [2015]