Live now

Space Afrika

Manchester, 13.12.15

With Space Afrika

Experimental ambience, dub, techno, and other crazy left shxt from Joshua Reid & Joshua Inyang, a.k.a Space Afrika… Please, enjoy.


  • Yagya 
    Sleepygirl 1
  • AntonZap 
    Road Trip Song
  • Third Side 
    Under Arrest
  • Matthew Oh
  • Esther Dujin
    Eavalation Rises
  • Alex Danilov
    Housewax 002 B1
  • FP
    Oner1 - The Art Of Regeneration
  • Lawrence 
    Chez Dupont
  • Stephen Lopkin 
    Theme From Sapl
  • Julian Perez 
    Do Not Forget To See Alice
  • Benjamin Brunn 
    On A Return
  • Space Afrika 
    The Way Home
  • Lapien 
  • Eddie Holman 
    Four Walls
  • Pink Floyd 
    On The Run
  • Deuter
    Back To A Plannet
  • Can 
  • Benicio Del Toro
    Shake Rattle And Roll
  • Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynch 
    The Red Room
  • King Britt
    New Wold In My View