Live now

Spinee w/ Shadesy (Das Booty)

London, 22.07.23

With Spinee

Tune into this monthly offering from PC Music's Spinee: breakcore, bassline, hardstyle and dogs.


  • Shadesy
    The Nando’s Flow [Unreleased]
  • Kray
    Dream Of You [Forthcoming Das Booty]
  • Slinki
    Pretty Girls [Unreleased]
  • Sammi Virgi & Hamdi
    Never Let You Go (Polo Lilli Mix) [Trax Haven]
  • Samurai Breaks
    Let Me Hit It [Trax Haven]
  • Maniken05
    Shlean [Child’s Play]
  • Slinki
    Bent Her Ass Over [Unreleased]
  • Kray
    Back Right Back [Das Booty]
  • Slinki
    Bossi [Unreleased]
  • DJ Vibes & Wishdokta 
    No More Tears
  • Butt Rogers
    Let Me Juke That [Unreleased]
  • Erik Travis 
    Rollin' Through Time (Part 2)
  • DJ Shortstop 
    The Trip
  • DJ Zap (Disco D mix) 
    Club Talk (Disco D Remix)
  • DJ Godfather
    Drop It Like It’s Hot [Databass]
  • Selfhood
    Xtra Dawg Miles
  • Louis King, Brain Rays 
    Let's Get It
  • Tom Parker
    Fat Bloke Acid (Brain Rays Remix) [Unreleased]
  • Bastiengoat 
    Lick My
  • Traxman feat. DJ Deeon 
    Must Be Dead
  • Butt Rogers
    Booty Disco Tool [Unreleased]
  • Otto Von Schirach
    One Leg Up [Self-Released]
  • RRRitalin
    Seasick [Forthcoming Das Booty]
  • Andrew Juke
    Ride [Forthcoming Das Booty]
  • Dj Skull Vomit 
    One Gig Kick Drum
  • Bass-X 
    Hardcore Creators
  • Andrew Juke
    EOS [Forthcoming Das Booty]
  • Robin Tasi
    RaveGen 91 [Self-Released]
  • Samurai Breaks & Audio Gutter
    Party Jackals [Forthcoming Das Booty]
  • Undercover Anarchist 
  • EyeHateGod 
    Gates Of Steel