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Stephen O'Malley: Metta Dôme

Paris, 21.06.16

With Stephen O'Malley, Sunn O)))

Founding member of Sunn O)) and all-round experimental music pioneer, Stephen O' Malley takes to the NTS airwaves.


  • RAUM (Liz Harris & Jefre Cantu Ledesma)
    Gesture (Reprise Outake)
  • Alvin Lucier 
    Criss Cross (2013)
  • Eyvind Kang 
    Thoughts On Being Exiled To The Frontier, For Lord Wei
    Stacks & Casings
  • Mick Barr
    String Trio Performed By ACME May 201
  • "Blue" Gene Tyranny 
  • Harley Gaber 
    The Winds Rise In The North