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Straight Honey w/ Eric Au

Los Angeles, 28.02.19

Straight Honey is raw, unfiltered, and naturally crystallized Jazz & soulful R&B. Pour, stir, and sip, while you sink into her rich grooves…of tomorrow & yesterday.


  • dvsn 
    Too Deep
  • Mccallaman Feat. Talia Taylor
    Come Find Me
  • Leon Bridges
    Beyond (Vibe Tape Mix)
  • Brahny
  • Jakob Ogawa
    Velvert Light
  • Mish
    Ur Gorgeous
  • Tre Samuels
    Roll Thru
  • Hablot Brown
    She Said
  • Hablot Brown Feat. Gabrielle Current
  • Genesis Owusu
    Wit' Da Team
  • Leon Ware 
    Hold Tight
  • Àngela Winbush 
    Treat U Right
  • Mereba 
    My One
  • Mccallaman
    You Got A Friend
  • Mccallaman
  • Zero Mish
    Hold You
  • Slow Knights 
    Sweet Harmony