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Sui Zhen

Melbourne, 31.03.20

With Sui Zhen

Hour long explorations with Melbourne experimental pop producer & artist Sui Zhen.


  • Emily Roll
    Today Played Over Casey Hartnett, Corin Ileto & Becky Sui Zhen
  • Soda Eaves 
    Brierfield Flood
  • Fanny Lumsden 
    Mountain Song
  • RVG 
    That's All
  • Lucy Roleff 
    Waiting For My Friend
  • Truly Holy 
    Always Wanna Go
  • Sweet Whirl 
    Something I Do
  • YL Hooi 
  • Fabulous Diamonds 
    Desperate Living
  • Maria Moles
    Opening II
  • Soda Eaves 
    A Hundred Years To This Day
  • Leah Senior
    You’re Summer Rain
  • Laura Jean 
    A Mirror On The Earth
  • Emma Russack 
    What Is Love