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Sui Zhen

Melbourne, 08.12.20

With Sui Zhen

Hour long explorations with Melbourne experimental pop producer & artist Sui Zhen.


  • Ben Green
    Intangible And Four
  • Phil Stroud 
    Morning Breeze
  • Ana Roxanne
    Suite Pour I’invisible
  • Maria Moles
  • Mary Lattimore
    Sometimes He’s In My Dreams
  • David Wagoner, Zomes 
    Song For The Soul Returning
  • Sea Urchin 
    Bloaji Badejo
  • Roger Doyle
    Honey, I’m Home
  • Swanox 
  • MUMIA 
    Ave Do Deserto
  • TV Victor 
    Zero Gravity
  • King Crimson 
    Cat Food (Single Version)