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Supporter Radio - Dans Market: Sinusoid

Prague, 18.08.22

Dans Market is for Marketa and Dan. For us, expressing feelings through music is a language we both understand. With this mixtape, we tried to capture a sinusoid of our relationship, the ups and downs, the happy and sad, the love. Because every time you overcome the lows, you know you can make it to the highs again. And it's fucking worth it.

Submitted for the NTS Supporters Summer of Love project.


  • TRjj 
    Emulation Of History (Disguised Drums)
  • Maxxxbass 
  • Victor De Roo, Alex Deforce 
    Beland In Bed
  • 1991 
    No More Dreams I
  • Lyra Valenza 
    Enfant Terrible
  • Cindy
    Maybe Because It’s Over Now
  • Gi Gi 
  • Area 3 
    Petal Patch
  • Anne Clark 
    True Love Tales
  • Aponogeton 
    The Night Sky Is Falling
  • Space Afrika 
    Indigo Grit ft Guest
  • Eric Morin, Sebastian Gandera
    Et L'Obscurité Toute Entière Pour Me Rappeler Cela
  • White Light 
    I'm Waiting For The Man