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Supporter Radio - .no asumas.

Mexico City, 21.08.22

A selection of songs from a playlist started on January of 2022 entitled: .no asumas. (Yes…. I know sorry, not sorry… I stole NTS´s motto: Don't Assume). This mixtape honors the memory of my father Nabor Sapién RIP (love you dad) and recent short lived intense affectionate relationships/emotional bonds that turned sour fast. From decadent rock ballads of the 80's, to norteño hits (being born and raised in Tijuana, Baja California, México) to late 90s and early 00’s happy/sad songs, until this century´s wretched music landscape that I / we (you and me) love. Odio el Verano. Enjoy.

Submitted for the NTS Supporters Summer of Love project.