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London, 15.03.21

Tune in to the sound of SUNCUT, boasting a heartfelt selection of some favourite 45’s through to classic bonafide soulful jams.


  • Chocolate Milk 
    Time Machine
  • Vincent Gémignani 
    "Le Grand Mouille"
  • 24 Carat Black
    You’re Slipping Away
  • Lee Edwards
    Equal Love Opportunity
  • Gal Costa 
    Da Maior Importância
  • Serena Assumpção 
  • Sylvester (Eddie Bill Harris, Phil Kaffel, Steve Mantoani mix) 
    I Need Somebody To Love Tonight
  • The Popular Peoples Front
  • Madteo
    Voracious Culturilizer DISCO MIX
  • Brenda Harris 
    Making Love Will Keep You Fit
  • The Warriors 
  • Lonnie Listen Smith
    A Song For The Children