London, 27.05.19

Tune in to the sound of SUNCUT, boasting a heartfelt selection of some favourite 45’s through to classic bonafide soulful jams.


  • Lou Ragland
    Understand Each Other
  • Willie Hutch
    I Choose You
  • Friends Of Distinction
    Nice Day
  • You Remind Me
    Patrice Rushen
  • Jimmy Gray Hall
    Be That Way
  • Roy Ayers
    Life Is Just A Moment - Part 2
  • Eddie Kendricks
    The Thin Man
  • Masterpiece
    Love Affair
  • Chantel Curtis
    Get Another Love
  • Midas Touch
    Nite Life
  • Gordon Henderson, U Convention
    The Highest Bidder
  • Independents
    Lucky Fellow
  • Kevin Moore
    Speak Your Mind
  • Jeffree
    Love's Gonna Last
  • Charlie Mitchell
    After Hours

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