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As I Was Moving Ahead - Equinox Songs

Milan, 13.11.21

Regional missives from filmmaker Tania Feghali, whose work focuses on music, the poetry of journeying and documentary.


  • Gil Scott Heron Macaya McCraven
    Special Tribute Broken Home
  • Cktrl
  • Alabaster DePlume 
    Whisky Story Time
  • CKtrl 
    will the feelings leave
  • Miryam Solomon
    Pushing The Tide
  • Matthew Halsall 
  • Gil Scott Heron Macaya Mccraven
    I Am New Here
  • Hypnotic Brass Ensemble 
    Purple Afternoon
  • Miryam Solomon
  • Sun Ra 
  • Teebs Feat. Thomas Stankievicz And Miguel Atwood Ferguson
  • Mansur Brown 
    My Prayer
  • Tirzah Feat Mica Levi And Coby Sey
    Send Me
  • Carlos Niño & Friends 
    Please, Wake Up.
  • Mocky 
    When Paulie Gets Mad
  • Fuubutsushi
    Floorless Room
  • Alice Coltrane
    From Archives