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As I Was Moving Ahead - Sudan Special

Milan, 08.06.24

A journey through Nubian valleys, ancestral voices, Nile river blues, instruments that carry chords from land to land, adongo, umkiki, banimbo, dinger, and synths sounds, field recordings—featuring Hanan Elneel, Abu Obaida Hassan, El Belabil, Mohamed Gubara, and many others.


  • Hanan Elneel
    Al Morsal
  • ابوعبيده حسن وطنبوره, Abu Obaida Hassan & His Tambour 
    لا لا = La...La (Don't Say I Am Betraying You)
  • Hanan Elneel
    Unknown Track
  • Ali Hassan Kuban 
  • Muhammad Wardi
    I Weep
  • Hanan Elneel
    Unknown Track
  • El Belabil
    Unknown Track
  • Ibrahim Al Hassan
    Sudanese Electronic
  • Manal Albadari
    Unknown Track
  • Al Balabil
    In Dreams Or In Waking
  • Hadia Taslam
  • Mohamed Gubara
    Rahel Qamri
  • Ibrahim El Hassan
    Unknown Track