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The Great African Disco w/ Temi Kogbe & Uchenna Ikonne (Comb & Razor)

Lagos, 02.05.21

Uchenna Ikonne Of Comb and Razor joins Temi on this show as they deeper into the heaviest sounds of 70s Nigeria.

Emerging from a war, with the hopes and energy of independence from the 1960s dissipating, Nigeria’s youth felt a frustration with the country’s government and politics. Fuelled by the energy of the US black power movement, and its analogous music - James Brown, Jimi Hendrix - Nigerian acts like The Funkees, Fela Kuti, Sherry Parker & more rose to prominence.


  • Fela Ransome-Kuti, The Africa '70 
    Going In And Coming Out (Part 1)
  • Sherry Parker
  • Saint Emmy, The Heroes 
    Live And Let Live
  • The Expensives 
    Soul Lips
  • The Daff O Dills
    Good Time
  • Popular Cooper
  • The Ceejebs 
    Highway Mini-Girl
  • The Funkees 
    Acid Rock
  • Action 13
    More Bread
  • Ada Silver And His Nigerian Air Force Band
  • The Expensives
    Soul Tribute
  • Sir Victor Uwaifo & His Melody Maestroes 
  • The Benders 
    Omo'Ba D'Eru Ri
  • Osei Tutu & The Africana Sounds
    Kogin Kaduna
  • Arrows
    Na There
  • Maxo Ludwig & Yookaash Group
    Miss No Name (Go-Go-Gal)
  • Smahila & The SB's
    The People Talking