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The Great African Disco w/ Temi Kogbe

Lagos, 02.07.21

Lagos based collector and DJ Temi Kogbe traces connections in African popular culture through vinyl.


  • Muchacha Imuzor And His Group
  • The Kings International 
    Agbaghara Ibe
  • Sunny Ogbulie And His Busy Bees
    Chukwu Nonso
  • Sir Chuks & His Royal Sound Makers 
    Ego Bu Ekwensu
  • Bob Fred
    Okolobie Special
  • Ejikeme Special City Stars Band
    Iyar Gia Ma MBA
  • Heavy Brothers Construction 
  • Ikeduru Brothers Band 
    Onye Nwe Anyi Nara Ekele
  • United Brothers
    Eze Udo
  • Imegbela Brothers