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The Great African Disco w/ Temi Kogbe

Lagos, 07.03.21

Lagos based collector and DJ Temi Kogbe traces connections in African popular culture through vinyl.


  • Monomono
    Ema Kowa Lase Ile Wa
  • Baranta
    A Little Bit Of Love
  • Les Asselards 
  • Original Doves
    Shake Your Body
  • Harari 
  • Pierre Didy Tchakounte 
    Yak' Nou
  • First Planet 
    I Wanna Thank You Baby
  • Sunny Okosuns
    Olorun Mose
  • G. Lawani 
    Africa Land Of Soul
  • Sir Victor Uwaifor
    Sakpaise No 2
  • Dombraye