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Feeling Terrible w/ The Hellp

Los Angeles, 18.08.21

Terrible Records, home of Miya Folick, Empress Of, Kirin J Callinan and more - now based in LA will be hopping onto NTS 2 once a month for two hours to share what's shaping the future for them along with special guests.


  • The Hellp
    Feel (Live Modmix 3)
  • The Hellp
    CopCarv4 (Dance Mix)
  • The Hellp
    Lymantria (FirstMix)
  • The Hellp
    Malt (Breakmix3) (Ext. Dance)
  • The Hellp
    CRTSM (Testmix2)
  • Aphex Twin
    Debase, Soft Pallete
  • The Hellp
    Brk22 (Modmix3)
  • Britney Spears 
  • Salem
  • The Hellp
    Hitty (Brkmixv6.5)
  • The Hellp
    (Mouth V1) Tutu Neurotic (Live Mix)
  • Noah Dillon
    Spoken Word (Unreleased)
  • The Hellp
    T800 (Testarrangement3)
  • Minutemen 
    The Red And The Black
  • Ag Cook
  • The Hellp
    Corrt (Ext. Dance Mix V7_)
  • Vincent Gallo 
    Sixteen Seconds Happy