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Test Pressing

London, 01.07.23

With Apiento

Apiento, a.k.a Paul Byrne runs the invaluable Test Pressing blog and releases music on World Building, World Unknown and more. His show has that esoteric techno thing and whatever suits the mood…


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  • 0:01:25
  • 0:07:50
    Driss Bennis Pres. OCB
    Global Warning.
  • Doc Sleep
    Rubber Fig
  • Gilbert 
    Low Flying Objects
  • Driss Bennis Pres. OCB
    But In Time
  • Owain K 
    New Horizon
  • French Audacity Feat. Valerie
    The Final One
  • Andy Bainbridge (Donald's House mix) 
    Up Too Much (Donald's House Remix)
  • PULI 
    Ginkgo Dub
  • Mourad Sliti
    Open Your Hand (Aaron Carl & DJ Mourad Warmth 313 Mix)
  • Soul II Soul (Joey Negro mix) 
    Move Me No Mountain (Dum Dum Dub)
  • Aquarythms
    Deep In The Feeling (Dubtribe Mix)
  • The African Dream 
    All The Same Family
  • Alex Kassian 
    Voices (Materia Mix)
  • Amorphous Androgynous 
    Liquid Insects
  • Terrace 
  • Olof Dreijer 
    Rosa Rugosa
  • Nite Fleit 
    Bold Poke
  • K-Lone 
    Love Me A Little
  • Tiga & KoÌ Lsch
    Hand In Hand (Priori Remix)
  • Peverelist 
    Pulse I
  • Mad Professor 
    Oh Hell