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The Kronicles w/ DJ Amir

Berlin, 01.05.24

Sample excavator, music historian, and compilation curator DJ Amir selects a few influences each month - from house to disco, hip-hop to jazz.


  • Mystic Pleasure 
    Back Door (Gettin Down)
  • Love Company
    Love Tempo
  • Eboni Band 
    Mogofindeou-Sopeunte (Get Together)
  • Cháilo 
    Let's Skate
  • The Christopher Michael Band 
    You Make Me Happy
  • Modern Sound Corporation 
  • Nana
    Im’ In Love
  • The Duncans
    Too Damn Hot (Kon Edit)
  • The Afro Lafayette Rock Band
    Get Another Love
  • War 
    This Funky Music Makes You Feel Good
  • Earth, Wind, & Fire
    Runnin_Brukzillan Riddim (IMantus X Reon Vanger Edit)