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The Opera Show

London, 22.07.23

Hannah Catherine Jones splits things open for the Opera Show: an exploration of the best in opera old and new, as well as an unearthing of the operatic in other records from soul, jazz or further afield.


  • --:--
    Winifred Atwell 
    Rachmaninoff's 18th Variation On A Theme By Paganini
  • 0:03:31
    Sonny Sharrock 
    Who Does She Hope To Be?
  • 0:08:14
    D. Carlo Gesualdo 
    Sela Mia Morte Brami
  • Nkisi 
    The Dark Orchestra
  • George Duke 
    Faces In Reflection No.2
  • Sault 
  • Soul II Soul 
    Back To Life (Club Mix)
  • Orchestre Poly Rythmo De Cotonou
    Gendamou Na Wili We Gnannin
  • David Darling
    The Wulu Bunun
  • Abel Selaocoe
    Vukani Bo
  • Tyrone Brunson (Reggie Thompson, Scott Folks mix) 
  • Nona Hendryx