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The Opera Show w/ Rebekah Ubuntu

London, 02.08.22

Hannah Catherine Jones splits things open for the Opera Show: an exploration of the best in opera old and new, as well as an unearthing of the operatic in other records from soul, jazz or further afield.


  • Mhysa 
    Special Need
  • Mhysa 
    Glory Be Black
  • Lafawndah
    The Stillness (Moor Mother Version)
  • Tygapaw feat. Mandy Harris Williams 
    Get Free Intro
  • Lafawndah 
    Old Prayer
  • Rebekah Ubuntu
    Movement 3: Healing (Feat. Autumn Peltier)
  • Ibeyi 
  • Pamela Z
    Solo Voice & Electronics
  • Ibeyi 
    Tears Are Our Medicine
  • Moor Mother
    Clock Fight (Feat. Elaine Mitchener & Dudu Kouate)
  • Moor Mother feat. Black Quantum Futurism 
    Nighthawk Of Time
  • Moor Mother
    Tarot (Feat. Yatta & Dudu Kouate)
  • Tygapaw, Mandy Harris Williams feat. Mandy Harris Williams 
    Ownland Interlude
    Lucky You
  • Mhysa 
    Opening Skit
  • Rebekah Ubuntu
    I Belong To Myself
  • Tygapaw
    Thank You Ft. Mandy Harris Williams