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Thea HD

Leeds, 17.03.24

Leaf Label A&R and Odda Recordings label owner Thea HD unearths the lesser known common sounds. from old soundtracks, library music to experimental electronic music…


  • Yaz Lancaster, Yang Chan
  • Börringe Kloster 
    Hommage Á Eva Ramel
  • Kurt Stenzel 
    Time And Space
  • Meara O’Reilly
    Hockets For Two Voices
  • Loop 
    Shot With A Diamond
  • 300 Whisper
    Inhumanity & Justice (Feat Mutado Pintado)
  • Can 
    Live In Paris '77
  • Meril Wubslin 
    Tout Est Curieux
  • Umeko Ando 
    Iuta Upopo
  • The Edgar Broughton Band 
    Mr. Crosby
  • Lady June 
    Some Day Silly Twenty Three
  • Daisy Rickman
    Feed the Forest
  • Flaer
    Winding Gold
  • Flaer
  • Porter Wagoner, Dolly Parton
    Jeannie’s Afraid Of The Dark
  • Jeri Southern 
    You’re the Top