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Thea HD

Manchester, 19.04.20

Leaf Label affiliate, Thea HD brings Leaf-y bites plus synth-laden textures from past and present, ranging from kosmische to abstract electronica…


  • Roll The Dice (Feat. Pole
    Calling All Dub Workers
  • Basic Channel 
    e2e4 Basic Reshape
  • Susumu Yokata
  • Andrew Pekler 
  • Deadbeat 
    Abu Ghraib (Tension Dub)
  • Drums Of Chaos
    On Circles
  • Fridge 
  • Broadcast 
    Long Was The Year
  • Photek 
    The Hidden Camera
  • Jan Jelinik
    Hubert Fitche...
  • Jan St. Werner 
    VS Canceled