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The Boxxx Report Show w/ Annie Pearlman

New York, 14.08.18

With Juiceboxxx

Tune into The Boxxx Report Show to hear Juiceboxxx fucking shit up in a positive way. Pop-punk to Atlanta trap; garage to B-more; hip-hop to rock - welcome to the Thunderzone.


  • Lil Racecar, Gravelust
    New Mexico
  • Rich Blue
    Hands Hands
  • Palberta
    Rich Boy
  • DJ Jayhood (Feat. DJ Sliink)
    Lights Down Low (Zora Jones Remix)
  • Extreme Animals
    Rainbow Rock Anthem
  • Tony Molina
    Nothing I Can Say
  • Fit Of Body
  • The Dogs In Ecstasy One
    Minute Mini Mix
  • City Girls
    I’ll Take Your Man
  • Dean Cercone
    Don’t Back Away
  • Yung Gordon
    Dade Drip
  • The DJ George Costanza Song Of The Month: School Boy Humor
    Camera Shy
  • Supahbadd
    Fresh Princess
  • CB Radio Gorgeous
  • DB Tha General
    Bury Muthafuckas (So Drove Club Edit)
  • The Boxxx Report Guest Mini
    Mix: Annie Pearlman AKA Private Time
  • Brodinski, Lil Reek
    Rock Out
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