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The Hot Selection

London, 15.03.15

Hip hop to deep soul, smouldering electronica to jazz and back again, whether released this week or 50 years ago. It's about energy, a musical conversation. The sounds loved by David Sacks and Francis Redman, played with love for you.


  • Skepta 
  • Swifta Beater 
  • Joker 
    Scene 1 (Qo, NoS)
  • Kanye West feat. Allan Kingdom, Paul McCartney, Theophilus London 
    All Day (Explicit)
  • Vrrs
    The Called Him A Pimp (Amen VIP)
  • Up High Collective
  • Para Palabras
    GTA Girls
  • Nosaj Thing Feat. Chance The Rapper
    Cold Stares
  • Kelela 
    A Message
  • Just Blaze
    Moleskin Conclusion
  • Spectre
    Extract From Ruff Kutz
  • J Dilla
    Y’all Ready For This
  • Jovie
    Mass Appeal
  • K Def
    Stakes Are High (Kush Remix)
  • Kris Henry
    Fear Of God (Feat Toothless)
  • K9
    Stress (Prod By Dark0 & Visionist)
  • D Double E 
    Can't Come Back
  • Dark0 
    Sweet Boy Tears
  • Snakepiss 
  • Africa HiTech 
    Cyclic Sun
  • Pearson Sound 
    Glass Eye
  • Tessela 
    Bottom Out
  • Lapalux
    Don’t Mean A Thing
  • Christian Löffler 
  • George FitzGerald feat. Boxed In 
    Full Circle
  • Infamous Boogie Man
    Boys Club
  • Bok Bok Feat Sweyn Jupiter
    Papaya Lip Gloss (Club Mix)
  • Chip Feat D Double E And Jammer
    School Of Grime (Streets Remix)