The Reign Set w/ 60's Garage And Beat Session W/ The Shadracks (Live)

London, 10.11.19

Gary The Tall invites garage 3-piece The Shadracks onto The Reign Set for a live session.


  • The In Crowd
    Things She Says
  • Kit & The Outlaws
    Don't Tread One Me
  • The Rising Storm
    I'm Coming Home
  • Link Wray
  • Small Faces
    Don’t Burst My Bubble
  • The Richard Kent Style
    The Go Go Children
  • Don Craine's New Downliners Sect
    I Can't Get Away From You
  • Billy And The Kids
    Say You Love Me
  • The Litter
    Action Woman
  • Unknown Artist
    I'm Going To Destroy That Boy / Watch Out

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