Live now

The Slip

Navan, 26.08.17

Rory Bowens heads The Slip one Monday a month, squeezing an hour of hazy dub off-shoots, pupil-dilating shoegaze and uncanny dream music.


  • Blue Shit 
    Blue 1
  • I-Level 
    Number 4
  • Lil Ugly Mane 
    Alone And Suffering (Interlude)
  • Spike
    Good Night
  • Martin Hannett 
    Homage To Delia Derbyshire, Pt, 3
  • Swamp Children 
    Tender Game
  • Iona Fortune 
    Shī 師
  • C Cat Trance
    Sudaniyaa (Minimal Mix)
  • Tony Cook
    I Aint Going Nowhere (Dance Re-Mix)
  • Samson & Delilah 
    I Can Feel Your Love Slippin Away (Acapella)
  • Blue Zoo 
    Off To Market (Dub)
  • Shamos 
  • Hype Williams 
    Ask Yee
  • Kelman Duran
    Saint Iverson
  • Konrad Kraft
  • Andreas Doreau
    Nord See
  • Wackies
    Lonely Dub