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Time is Away: A Dictionary of Signs and Symbols

London, 22.02.21

Time is Away delves into ‘A Dictionary of Signs and Symbols’, exploring the Cosmos from Air to Zenith. As the culmination of Juan Eduardo Cirlot’s (1916–73) interdisciplinary practice, across poetry, art criticism, hermeneutics and music, the book is ‘…a feat of scholarship, an act of the imagination, and a tool for contemplation, as well as a work of literature.’

With love and thanks to Jamie Atherton (


  • Tracey
  • Florist
  • 8uletina
    Patch Of Sunlight
  • Björk 
    Possibly Maybe
  • Yolabmi 
    To Nocturnal Fellows
  • Source Direct 
    A Made Up Sound
  • Sputnik One 
    Smart Lung
  • Christos Chondropoulos 
  • Gila
    111 Tucked
  • Vanessa
  • Tarotplane 
    Ceramic Heartbreak
  • Tomu And Kyra
    The Psychotic Landscape
  • Loris
  • Pataphysical 
    Ken World