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Time Is Away - Family Album

London, 04.11.19

This month's Time is Away opens the family album to draw together themes from across this year’s programmes, including memory, representation, persistence, resistance and history-making. By looking at the relationship between photographs, identity and historical evidence in the recent past, it invites reflection on the transience of our photographs in a present saturated in fugitive digital imagery. With contributions from Stuart Hall, W. G. Sebald and Jo Spence.


  • Thomas Bloch 
    Mare Teno
  • Karl Lindh 
    Jag. Mitt Kaffe
  • Malcolm Cecil 
    Birth Of Light
  • Gramme
    Type Zwei
  • Megawave Orchestra
    Prairie Vert
  • Higher Intelligence Agency
  • Beyaz 
  • New World Aquarium
    Levels Halo
  • As One 
    Dance Of The Uighurs
  • Civilistjävel! 
  • Fugue