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TIME IS AWAY - Pig Earth Dub

London, 21.02.22

When John Berger wrote about the peasants he lived amongst in the late 1970s, their way of life was already vanishing. Now in the early 21st century, holiday homes and multi-national agribusiness occupy their land in the Haute-Savoie. A ‘dub mix’ (or ghost version) of our Pig Earth programme marks their passing - and John’s.


  • Taming Power 
    27-7-00 / 31-8-00
  • Djivan Gasparyan And Erkan Oğur
  • Ghost Phone
    Ize Kashmir Dub
  • Hematic Sunsets 
    Das Kleine Opfer
  • Malvern Brume 
    Broken Bow-Tine
  • Diana Princess Of Wales
  • YL Hooi 
  • Ubaldo 
    Espills a la nit
  • Attica Blues (Plastikman mix) 
    Blueprint (Slakked Plastik Remix)
  • Biosphere 
    Houses On The Hill
  • Mare Nubium 
    Slow Moving Frame Of Reference
  • Taming Power 
    27-7-00 / 31-8-00