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Timetable w/ Holodec

Los Angeles, 14.10.21

With Nosaj Thing

Timetable Records - LA based label founded by Nosaj Thing releasing left field movements in dance, experimental, and electronic music.


  • Holodec
  • Elysia Crampton Chuquimia
    Homeless (Q’ara)
  • Holodec
    Some Way
  • Ssaliva 
    Belly Ache
  • Kelman Duran 
    Dancehall, Audubon Ballroom
  • Red Rat
    Can’t Sleep (Original Mix)
    I Still Loathe You (7o2)
  • Subjects 
    Fly With Me
  • Vallmo 
    Young Girls Surrender To Powder
  • Dennis Edwards, Siedah Garrett 
    Don't Look Any Further
  • Myra (Frankie Feliciano mix) 
    Come To Me (Ricanstruction Vocal Mix)
  • Janet Jackson 
    That's The Way Love Goes (LP Version)
  • Holodec
    Unreleased Demo
  • Perila 
    Crash Sedative
  • Ghostlore Of Britain
    It Matters To Us
  • Omar S, John FM 
    Cadillacs & Dinosaurs
  • Pallace
  • Bo Khat Eternal Troof Family Band 
    Cis 5
  • Holodec