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Timetable w/ Nosaj Thing, Holodec and Julianna Barwick

Los Angeles, 10.01.19

With Nosaj Thing, D Tiberio, Julianna Barwick

The Timetable Crew invite Julianna Barwick for a live in-studio performance.


  • Duval Timothy
    Lbs Pt.2
  • Denai Moore, Mr. Mitch 
  • Duval Timothy 
  • L'Rain 
    Which Fork / I'll Be
  • Juliana Barwick
    Live Set
  • Ill Considered 
  • Pulsum 
    I Remember
  • Laksa
    I Feel Like I've Been Here Before
  • Dpr Recordings
    Groove Chronicals Get Down
  • Gerry Reid
    Third Date (4thsex Re-Sex)
  • LMajor 
    Raving Cru
  • Addison Groove, Sam Binga 
    Seven Of Nine
  • DJ Lag 
    Ghost On The Loose
  • DJ Lilocox 
    Ritmo & Melodias
  • Leonce
    Flight Risk Ft. Neana
  • Impey 
    The Deluge
  • Kelman Duran
    6am, 188st & Atuoban
  • Squadda B
    Murderous Weathers Ft. Divinci