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Total Stasis

Los Angeles, 02.11.20

LA label Total Stasis responsible for releases by Elysia Crampton, CS + Kreme & Ramzi join us for an hour once a month.


  • Martina Lussi 
    Serrinha Do Alambari Soundwalk
  • Jaydee
    Think 4 Awhile
  • Henning Christiansen 
    Op.201 L´Essere Umano Errabando La Voca Errabando
  • Mustapha Skandrani 
    Mode Raml Maya
  • Klaus Filip & Moé Kamura
    P A S S A G E I N (Excerpt)
  • Psychic TV 
    Lady Maybe
  • D. Lissvik 
  • Arch M 
    Dream 3
  • Magical Power Mako
  • Richard Jobson 
    The Kiss, The Dance And The Death