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Gassy - 500Mg of Pellucidar

London, 16.11.20

Gassy’s NTS transmissions are radiophonic arrays of old and new soundwaves, spanning the psychedelic, bass dubs, synth odysseys and rave memories. Simply add a pinch of special herbs and spices and bring to the boil.


  • Wendy & Lisa & Gassy
    Heroes (We Can Bemix)
  • Jon Hassell, Brian Eno 
    Delta Rain Dream
  • INTe_ra
    Aqueduct B1 463
  • Julia Holter 
    This Is Ekstasis
  • Ko Saito
    Genman 3
  • Craig Leon 
  • Excerpt From Little, Big
    John Crowley
  • Laurence Pike 
  • Aphrodite’s Child
    Seven Bowls
  • Motohiko Hamase 
  • Sofie Birch 
  • Unknown Sample
    And There Again Is The Circle
  • Haruomi Hosono 
    Trembling #2