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Gassy - Fantasy Loop

London, 24.08.20

Gassy’s NTS transmissions are radiophonic arrays of old and new soundwaves, spanning the psychedelic, bass dubs, synth odysseys and rave memories. Simply add a pinch of special herbs and spices and bring to the boil.


  • Gassanova
    Hosono / Hamilton Scalpel Squish
  • Mid Gassanova
    I Wonder If It Changes
  • Homeland
  • Metro Zee 
    Manningtree Freeze
  • Dylan Henner 
    I Was Reading the News But I Felt So Sad I had to Stop
  • Ko Saito
  • Parris 
    Puro Rosacease
  • Refund
    JDUMP 03
  • Plath 
  • Harold Budd, Cocteau Twins 
    The Ghost Has No Home
  • Neinzer 
    Elliptical Footsteps
  • Gasper Loop Hole
    Nervous Loop
  • TRIM
    RPG (Who Is He
  • 細野晴臣 
  • Bill Nelson 
    Waiting For Voices
  • Babe Rainbow 
    Something To Replace