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London, 28.08.21

Gassy’s NTS transmissions are radiophonic arrays of old and new soundwaves, spanning the psychedelic, bass dubs, synth odysseys and rave memories. Simply add a pinch of special herbs and spices and bring to the boil.


  • Jeff Grace
    Sweet Tooth
  • Yasuaki Shimizu 
    Bridgestone 1
  • Jay Glass Dubs 
    Apple, Sliced
  • DJ Central & Erika Casier
    Drive (Smudged)
  • Wyn MT 
    Gold Circle Sponsor
  • Barkley Bandon
    Everyone Wants Their Old Future Back
  • New Musik 
  • Yamaneko 
    Oslo House Sunrise 4K
  • Fire Fox, 4-Tree 
    Warning (Powder Mix)
  • Thicc Burn
    Beach Bale
  • Josiah Steinbrick 
    Heyloo / Snakeskin
  • Yasuaki Shimizu 
    Anaconda Mon Amour