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Touching Bass w/ Sammseed

London, 24.08.19

Join Errol and the Touching Bass family every month for regular voyages into inner-city, concrete jungle productions plus astral-facing funk, jazz, broken beat and anything else with a soulful pulse.


  • Tradition 
    The Breathtaking Blast
  • Horace Ferguson 
    Sensi Addict
  • Mr. Vegas 
    Big Things A Gwaan
  • Glamma Kid 
  • Kashief Lindo 
    No Can Do
  • Jeff Redd 
    Time Is Slipping Away
  • I Ced, Stopha Vasquez, Ab, Tuluv, Alex Fajardo
    Voice Over (Goodbye)
  • Dexter Story
    Veggie Wondem Combo (Ras G Afrikan Space Program Remix)
  • Blo 
    Get That Groove In
  • Milli Won
    Moonlit Lullaby
  • Duran Y Garcia 
    Jazz Express
  • Delroy Edwards 
    Fat Dynamics
  • Teebone
    Make It Tru (Feat Maxwell D - Original Mix)
  • P Money 
    Wonder Boy
  • Kahn 
    Helter Skelter
  • Jimmy London, The Impact All Stars 
    A Little Love