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Cry Later w/ Tropic of Cancer

Los Angeles, 24.09.21

With Tropic Of Cancer

Camella Lobo, aka Tropic of Cancer takes to the air once a month for Cry Later. Tune in for dedicated submissions recorded or written by listeners… Send submissions to


  • Swamp Children/Kalima
  • Isabelle Antena 
    Seaside Weekend
  • E*S*G 
    You're No Good
  • Mikado 
    Naufrage En Hiver - "Les Colliers De Varech"
  • Cath Carroll 
    Moves Like You
  • Section 25 
    Looking From A Hilltop
  • Liaisons Dangereuses 
    Peut Être ... Pas
  • Durutti Column
    The Room
  • Anna Domino 
    Land Of My Dreams
  • The Stockholm Monsters 
    Miss Moonlight
  • A Certain Ratio 
  • The Lonely Spy
    Lori & The Chameleons
  • Anna Domino
    Everyday I Don’t