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Cry Later Halloween w/ Tropic of Cancer

Los Angeles, 25.10.19

With Tropic Of Cancer

Camella Lobo, aka Tropic of Cancer takes to the air once a month for Cry Later. Tune in for dedicated submissions recorded or written by listeners… Send submissions to


  • Suzanne Ciani
    Token Spokes, Part 1
  • Christopher Komeda 
    Rosemary's Party
  • Jonnine 
    You Can Leave The Vampires
  • Victims 
  • Blue Magic 
    Haunted (By Your Love)
  • Stefano Torossi 
    Walking In The Dark
  • Oliver Nelson 
    Skull Session
  • Goblin 
    Suspiria (Celesta And Bells)
  • Luboš Fišer 
    The Sermon (Alternate Version)
  • Kali Malone 
    Hagakyrka Bells
  • Bernard Hermmann, Joel McNeely & Royal Scottish National Orchestra
    Carlotta's Portrait
  • The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
    Outer Space (From "The Day The Earth Stood Still")
  • Russ Garcia & His Orchestra 
    Red Sand Of Mars
  • The Caretaker 
    All You Are Going To Want To Do Is Get Back There
  • Pye Corner Audio 
    Satan's Little Helper
  • Peter Gabriel 
  • Q. Lazzarus 
    Goodbye Horses (7" Version)
  • Rockwell 
    Somebody's Watching Me (Vocal)
  • Scar Stuff
    Sound Effects