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TT w/ DJ Pitch & Sasha

London, 14.05.21

DJ Pitch presents the warped world of their TT label every month, with new and exclusive music from the bleeding edges of the internet and beyond: indefinable club mutations, zeitgeist-collapsing pop edits, & sounds as yet undiscovered.


  • Bod -包家巷-
    I Don't Miss U
  • Alpha Maid 
  • Lighght
    And The Snow Decided To Stop Falling And Instead Rise For We Were Not Deserving
  • Zelle
    Freedom Jam
  • Okker
    Just Say Hello
  • Okker
  • DJ Juul Osco
    Dishonest (2nd Dub)
  • OKlou
    Samuel (177th UKG Remix)
  • Borderlandstate_the Best Kisser In L.A
    Direct Message
  • Koreless 
    Black Rainbow
  • Overmono
    If You Ever
  • Convolute
    Isn’t Love Important
  • Hidden Element 
    A Nice And Quiet Moment
  • Krust (Four Tet mix) 
    Negative Returns (Four Tet Remix)
  • Mild Minds
    Views ( Laurence Guy )
  • Godford 
    Non Binary Place
  • Special Request 
    Elysian Fields
  • Corticyte 
    Final Drop