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TT w/ DJ Pitch & Object Blue

London, 19.02.21

DJ Pitch presents the warped world of their TT label every month, with new and exclusive music from the bleeding edges of the internet and beyond: indefinable club mutations, zeitgeist-collapsing pop edits, & sounds as yet undiscovered.


  • RC Choir
    "Walk With Me"
  • Jai Paul
  • Don Sinini
  • VRBA
    Dealing With Death Cults (Forthcoming TT)
  • Amazinggaijin
    Construction Block (Forthcoming All Centre)
  • Chants
    Quintuple Helix
  • Tom Sobolik
    Like Like
  • DJ Corpmane
    Vado Laugh (DJ Vado X Poundz)
  • Parzubanil
    Tokio Drift
    Patch Of Sunlight