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Spun Out: Príncipe

London, 11.01.14

For the third instalment of Spun Out, our feature focussing on the best new record labels, we’re delighted to be hosting Príncipe. Since its inception in 2011 the Lisbon-based label has been championing the overwhelming inventive - and ridiculously fun – electronic music being made on the geographic and cultural peripheries of the Portuguese capital, as well as opening eyes to talented producers from the centre. Having successfully begun a small cultural revolution in their hometown, the label has set out on a global dancefloor-conquering mission. The last edition of Unsound festival in Krakow saw Príncipe producers Marfox and Niggafox winning hearts and minds with one of the best party sets of the week, and each of the label’s releases has achieved wider and wider critical acclaim. Their latest, a split compilation featuring two DJing crews (Blacksea Não Maya from the south side of Greater Lisbon, and Piquenos DJs Do Guetto from the North), boasts both gorgeously precise melodies and the kind of frantic rhythmic energy that commands bodies to dance. The record was pressed in a run of only 300 individually hand-painted and hand-stamped 12″s, and unsurprisingly is well on its way to being sold. We’ll be sending out a copy to one lucky NTS listener on our facebook page, but the rest of you should definitely get to it if you want some of that heat.