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Alex Bradley presents The Utopia Project

London, 08.12.15

Utopia Sounds host Alex came to prominence with his deep, soulful and etherial sets while hosting word of mouth, DIY discos in and around East London and Berlin. "Utopia Project" will bring you mix-tapes of psychedelic soul, ambient new age moods, rock, jazz, disco/boogie and plenty of new and old House and Techno as well as unreleased music from his own Utopia Records.


  • Piero Umiliani 
  • Gwen Guthrie 
    Younger Than Me
  • Candy Flip 
    Aqua Libra
  • Frankie Knuckles (David Morales mix) 
    Rain Falls (Wet Me Dub)
  • Jazz-N-Groove 
    Do Ya (Groove Mix)
  • Jovonn 
    Turn And Run Away 'Running' (Radio Edit)
  • Aragon 
  • Per Cussion 
    Manhattan Jungle (For Sun Ra)
  • Ian O' Brien
    The Question Of Value
  • Burns, Hawk 
    Becoming Nice
  • Larry Heard 
  • East Village Loft Society
    I Wanna Sing Sunshine
  • Groovestyle 
    Freedom Train (Underground Mix)
  • Tyree Cooper
    We Can Not Turn Back
  • Heiko Laux 
    Souldancer Pt. 3
  • Ian O' Brien
    Tap Sketch
  • Ron Trent, Tkumah Sadeek 
    Crossroads (Dub)
  • Jones Girls
    Children Of The Night
  • Mike Westbrook
    Metropolis Part IX
  • Toshinori Kondo
  • Unknown
  • Software 
    Givenchy III
  • Kaito 
    Behind My Life