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We Are… w/ Paul Camo

London, 06.07.24

Artist, graphic designer and DJ Paul Camo sets out to push the boundaries: free of all restrictions. Jump in the chat and listen as Paul Camo's WE ARE brings you on a voyage through the spectrum of jazz fusion, spiritual jazz, experimental jazz and everything in between.


  • 0:00:06
    Black Decelerant 
  • 0:05:47
    Heli Hartikainen
    Excerpt On II & III
  • 0:10:41
    Malcolm Jiyane Tree-O
    Memory is the Weapon
  • Qwalia
    For Future Reference
  • Sachi Kobayashi
  • Jorga Mesfin 
    ምስጋና Thanksgiving
  • Shuttle358
    tank (version)
  • Tashi Wada (Feat Julia Holter)
  • Carlos Niño & Friends 
    Moonlight Watsu In Dub
  • Nibit Intermezzo
    Audiosport 8
  • Jimi Tenor With Cold Diamond & Mink
    Is There Love In Outer Space
  • Laraaji
    Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lie
  • Apifera 
  • Àbáse
    Gyászba Borult Isten Csillagvára (God's Star Castle Has Fallen to Grief)
  • Myele Manzanza 
    Universal Language
  • Goran Kajfeš Tropiques
  • Guy Pedersen 
    Percussion Bass
  • Albert Ayler 
    Music Is The Healing Force Of The Universe
  • Petah Sunday 
    No Apology Dub
  • Danny Red 
  • Paul Blackman 
    Earth Wind & Fire
  • Maytones
    Who Can't Hear Must Feel (7")
  • Al Bell 
    Babylon A Cannibal
  • The Mighty Three
    Rasta Business
  • Ernest Wilson 
    I Know Myself