Manchester, 05.05.19

Whirldfuzzz see in your Sunday evening with their latest discoveries old and new from the global underground of rock'n'roll: post punk, garage punk, afro funk, latin psych, prog, turk jerk, tropicalia and anything in between. Nothing is off limits as they journey off the beaten path and continue to broaden our musical horizons every month.


  • The Invaders
    Turn On Your Love Light
  • National Wake
    Black Punk Rockers
  • Tenderlonious & The 22archestra
    Youssef's Groove
  • Gan Gah
  • Les Frères Des Sang
    Wé Fô
  • Nonku Phiri feat. Dion Monti
  • Kamaal Williams
    Snitches Brew
  • Almon Memela
    The Things We Do In Soweto
  • The Apostles
    Banko Woman
  • Eji Nakayama
    Aya's Samba
  • Masekela
    African Secret Society

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