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Who's That Girl? w/ Leyla Pillai - Jane Arden Special

London, 01.05.17

Focus on Jane Arden

WHO'S THAT GIRL? is a resounding question in flux, explored each month here on NTS through all her myriad voices.

From spectral soul soundscapes to artists' aural portraits, metaphoric sonic spoken voyages and always everything of the space between, each show is a radio art transmission inspired by all those deeper fe/male im_pulses that poetically beat from an Other(s) side of a different drum.


  • Jane Arden With Mihai Dragutescu
  • Pink Floyd 
  • Double Riders
    Artery Of The Sun
  • Soft Machine 
  • Vito Ricci 
    Music In Fourths
  • Laura Allen With Paul Horn
    Reflections - As I Am
  • Steve Moore 
    Timewave Zero
  • Penny Slinger & Dhiren Dasu
    ICA Soundworks - Timepiece
  • Pink Floyd 
  • Terry Callier 
    900 Miles
  • Gabor Szabo 
    Galatea's Guitar
  • Jane Arden With Mihai Dragutescu
    Figures In White
  • Carla dal Forno 
    You Know What It's Like
  • Daevid Allen With Robert Wyatt
  • Raffaele Serra 
    Memories Of An Unborn Baby
  • Tropic Of Cancer 
    Rites Of The Wild